My Trading Card collectionS

It starts in 1994 when Upper Deck released a European version of 1994/95 Upper Deck in Germany. As a fan of the NBA I was fascinated of all those colourful cards with actionloaded pictures.

Starting as a set collector my first player choice was Shaquille O‘Neal. I like his powerful and dominant play with spectacular dunkings and his off-court stardom although.

By signing with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996 I noticed one of the two Lakers Rookies named

Derek Lamar Fisher. He was completely different to my favorite Shaq but I was fascinated of his

play and charisma as well. He was a solid role player helping the Lakers starting a new dynasty.

It takes not much time and I became a supercollector of Derek Fisher hunting for almost everything

I can get.

Enjoy my collection and feel free to contact me at for any questions, feedback or hints to help on finding the last missing cards.




A warm Welcome and Have A nice Time watching my collection